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INTL BCA :: BCA Course Line Up

ISBA's Courses Focus On Valuing A Small To Main Street Business Plus ... We introduce advanced techniques should you need them!

Exclusive Kick Start Orientation Course

This course is COMPLIMENTARY and Interactive ONLINE! The course will prepare you for the upcoming Applied Knowledge Course. Students will receive a hand out as well as learn terminology, definitions, formulas, financial statements, and much, much more! In addition, we will also introduce you to Report Writing!

Apply The Knowledge That You Already Have To Earn Your BCA Credential

ISBA has a developed a four-day Business Certified Appraiser (BCA) comprehensive course designed exclusively for those who have the knowledge and experience of real property appraisal, business brokerage, accounting, or financing.

During the course, we will enhance your knowledge by adding to it with the approaches, methodologies, techniques, rulings, and calculations you need to know in order to become a business valuation professional.

At the end of the second day, there will be a proctored exam. At the end of the fourth day, there will be a proctored exam. Upon successfully passing both exams, you will be provided with a Demonstration Handbook that contains all of the information you need to prepare a Sample Business Valuation that will be reviewed for completeness. You will have 45 days in which to prepare the Report. We are here every step of the way to assist you with questions during this process. Upon successful completion of the Report, you will earn your BCA credential! You won't have to spend years or break the bank

A New Applied Knowledge Course Will Be Forming Soon!

Contact Us To Find Out About Enrolling In Our Complimentary Kick Start Orientation Course!

“Everyone should take ISBA's Business Certified Appraiser Course. It is great! I am a Business Broker and the course and credential helped me in my business. Thank you ISBA! ”

C. Cole, Colorado

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